Hi, this page has been created to let you all know about some of the great services out there that we really like. Whether you have already used Scandango, or are considering using our scanning services or are simply browsing, we hope you will find the following information both useful and inspirational.

If you have any suggestions for other services to add, or are interested in advertising on our site* then please get in touch.

Ideas for your scanned photographs...

1. Moo
Moo is a printing company that have some fantastic and fun products. We have used them for business cards and stickers so far, but plan to use them for several other products very soon; Moo have just launched a new range of stickers and labels that are excellent – we have so many ideas for how we can use them!

One of the many plus points of using Moo, and a feature that really appeals to us, is their ability to print several different images in the same print run; this facility is called Printfinity and you can learn more about it here.

You could use Moo to put your new scanned photographs on greeting cards for Christmas or on sticker books; the possibilities provided by Moo are only really limited by your creativity!

2. Moonpig
Unless you have been living on the moon, it is unlikely that you will not have seen adverts for on your TV. As far as we know they were the first company to offer an easy way to create your own personalised greeting card. La Madre has used Moonpig a few times to embarrass and amuse her sons with family photos; she has always been impressed by the quality and the service.

By using our Scandango photo scanning service you could have a vast digital library of images that you could use to create your own personalised greeting cards. Our basic scanning resolution is 300dpi which is more than enough quality to get good results. Apologies for the 'tech speak' earlier, dpi stands for dots per inch and in essence the more dots you have the better the quality can be; 300dpi is fine for this type of printing.

3. Apple photo books 
Yes we know... Apple?! It's true though, Apple make photo books. In fact they don't just make photo books they make calendars and cards and a few other things too; someone once told me they also make some rather nifty computers and clever phones but I'm not that gullible!

In truth we have not yet ordered any books ourselves, however we have seen books that friends, family and loved ones have shown us of weddings and babies and such things, and the quality of the books are 1st class. If you follow the above link you can see some close up photographs of the quality and detail of the books. Having held a few in my hands I can confirm they feel good quality too.

An Apple photo book of old photographs would make an excellent gift, especially if the photos had been hidden away in a shoebox for the last thirty years.

4. Blurb
If you are of the mind to, why not make your own book? Blurb is an incredible site/service that allows people to create, print and publish their own books! The choice and quality is excellent and you can either use their templates or even a wizard to help you through the process. The higher end ('posh') books are expensive but frankly you get what you pay for; Blurb use the best quality materials and processes to ensure you get a perfect result.

Scandango photographs combined with and/or your own genealogy research, and a bit of effort and creativity on your part, could allow you to make and illustrate a book of your family history. A great gift but also a great keepsake to be passed down through the generations perhaps?

5. Design-a-canvas
Their site might look a little basic but don't let that put you off (the same could be said of our site, we are not quite Gucci... yet). Design-a-canvas take your photographs and put them on a variety of fabric based products.

"I call them scatter love cushions... they signify my love for Alan"

"You can sit on his face" – I'm Alan Partridge, series 2.

La Madre had some cushions made for a friend and both were delighted with the results. Additionally and a very important fact to us here at Scandango – design-a-canvas had truly excellent customer service! In a world of call centres and multi-choice machine operated 'phone services, it is always refreshing to deal with decent people.

The prices are very reasonable and the quality is good. Why not surprise someone with an old photo of them printed on a cushion or as some canvas wall art?

General links to companies we like (excellent product or service etc.)  ...

1. Clook
We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Clook. They didn't pull us out of a burning building, nor have they donated a much needed appendix, but in truth you wouldn't be looking at this site right now if it wasn't for Clook... they host our websites!

Why do we like Clook? They are very reasonably priced, they are based in UK and USA but the main reason we like them is their unprecedented level of customer service. Right from the start this company has been incredibly helpful in helping us migrate from another hosting company (so seamless that email was not disrupted at all during migration!), setting up various services we needed and generally are very quick to respond to emails and action any problems / requests we have.

Genuinely cannot sing the praises of Clook enough!

2. Shopify
With the high-five to Clook above, and as we are about to sing the praises of Shopify we are in very real danger of getting into 'Oscar Thank you Speech' territory. Let's nip that in the bud now and say Shopify can be a pain in the backside! It really isn't going to appeal to everyone, it has some quirky features and a strange template system that may well put off some people. That said, Shopify is excellent! If you have a product or a service you want to sell, and you are happy with the templates (and there are some great templates to choose from) then you can have a robust, fully functional eCommerce store up and running very quickly. You get assigned a guru (hi Liz) and you can also borrow the brains of other gurus (hi Tetsuro). The Liquid HTML framework can be a bit confusing, but it is based on Ruby on Rails though which makes it quite powerful. There are several eCommerce solutions out there, Shopify works well for us.

3. Moo Free Chocolates
Moo Free Chocolates are incredible (seriously incredible) dairy free chocolates. The company pride themselves on not only being one of the only dairy free chocolate manufacturers**, but also on the taste of their products. When you taste one of their praline chocolates you can instantly tell that years of painstaking research and refinement have paid off... delicious!

** The Moo Free Factory have only, and will only produce dairy free products. Non of their machinery has even so much as seen a milk carton. Moo Free are one of the only confectionery companies to be this dedicated.

If you are lactose intolerant, have a milk allergy, are vegan or simply love delicious chocolate then Moo Free Chocolates are definitely the ones for you.

We are planning a few competitions through the year – sexiest moustache of the Seventies (females only), worst dresser of the Eighties, most bored child at a party and of course the obligatory caption competitions. Some of these competitions will be for prizes, and guess what? Some of those prizes will be Moo Free Chocolates!

If you could all be so kind and not enter our competitions, we will be forced to eat all the chocolates ourselves (burp).

* Scandango is committed to excellence. We will not advertise or promote any company or service that we have not used ourselves and believe to be anything other than incredible.


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