About Scandango

Don't let the curly haired weird kid put you off
(he's one of our directors).

We are a photo scanning service and we mean business...

... and we no longer wear brown dungarees and chase bubbles.

(Some of us do still have questionable taste in clothes and haircuts though)


Welcome to Scandango. We are photo scanning specialists. We are a family run business, well established in the world of digital scanning and photo archiving. Our passion for what we do, the care we extend to our customers' photographs and our dedication to customer care have been instrumental in the growth and development of our business.

Our mission statement is simple:
'Provide a genuinely simple, honest, reliable photography scanning service with quality and customer service that exceeds expectation.'

Some instant plus points about our company:

  • We are UK based
  • We have low overheads
  • We are from Yorkshire – a fact that should reassure anybody (except perhaps people from Lancashire)

We must be doing something right as we have been fortunate and honoured to be featured in wired (online article) and BBC Focus magazine (printed article), in addition to numerous innovation websites and blogs.

What do we do?
We receive a shoebox of your old photographs, we scan them for you and we safely return them to you with a CD or DVD containing all your images. We also offer an online storage service, this is useful for downloading your images on other family/friend computers and as a valuable added level of protection against your original photographs becoming damaged.

How does Scandango work?
You supply a shoebox of photographs, we scan them, we return them scanned. Sorry to sound like a broken record but it really is that simple!

At Scandango we have invested in a state-of-the-art scanning solution, a really top notch bit of kit that is hungry for your photographs and scans them quickly and to an excellent quality.* Don't look for a team of low-paid under-motivated workers hunched over cheap flat bed scanners - you won't find them (we hide them really well). The scanning equipment we use is almost entirely automated. We like to sit with it while it scans for the rare occasion where it might struggle with a photo, and to ensure the quality is consistent. Also, this machine is so clever one of our directors believes it might be sentient and as such he 'wants to get in with it' just in case machines do eventually take over the world.

*The quality of your final scan depends on the quality of your original photograph. If the photo is badly damaged your scan will be of a badly damaged photograph. Photographs that are dirty or dusty or have adhesive on the back will not be put through our scanner - this protects the scanner from getting damaged and reducing the quality of your scans. Please read our Photo Preparation page for more details on this. If you have some photographs that are damaged we can recommend a service that can help restore them to their former glory, please email us for more information.

The basic Scandango service will return your photos scanned to a CD or DVD. There is an option to store your photographs online for 3 months at no extra charge or to store them online permanently for just £5 extra. If you choose not to have online storage your photographs will be deleted from our computer system in keeping with data protection.

We have been trading for a few years now and feel pretty confident in our ability to offer our customers a professional and personal service from initial contact through to return of the original photos. Our biggest hurdle was, and indeed still is, getting the photos safely from our customers to our scanning facility. We now almost exclusively use TNT Express as we have never had a package go missing. TNT's success rate as a company is around 98%, whilst TNT's success rate dealing with Scandango is 100%. We are so confident in TNT we offer our customers £200 in the unlikely event a problem occurs (Terms and Conditions apply - section 16: Shipping Insurance). If you have any concerns or questions then please get in touch with us.

In all instances, we like to offer our customers a professional, approachable and bespoke service.

What is the story behind Scandango?
Scandango was born as a result of an unfortunate incident. A burst water pipe ruined many items we had in storage, the ones that we were most upset about though were our old photographs – we knew we could never get those back. That was a very bleak day, but it did spark an idea which in time has grown into Scandango.

We are living in a digital age, it makes sense to transfer all your old photographs to a digital format. What use are they in a shoebox or buried in an album in a drawer? By putting your photographs online you can help protect them for future generations to enjoy and you can relieve many happy old memories with friends and family.

When a photographic print used to cost money, people were a lot more careful about what they took photographs of. We were blown away by the quality of some of the old photographs we found. These days you might take four or five photos of a seagull eating a packet of crisps, for no other reason that it is whimsical and you can. Back in the days of traditional photography though it is clear that photos were more considered and better thought out; you may still have taken the photo but it is likely there would only be the one photo and you would get it looking as best as you could.

Your photos deserve to live again.

Who are Scandango?
Scandango is at heart a family business, though we have expanded a bit since we first started out. Currently the key players are...

la Boca:
He prefers to think of himself as 'la Visión' as Scandango was his idea.

el Mono:
That would be me, I'm in charge of web stuff, branding, design and sometimes they let me write the words. Together la Boca and el Mono are 'los Hermanos Scandango.'

la Madre:
Ah la Madre... what can I say? She is the matriarch, the one that wears the trousers, the one that settles disputes between los Hermanos Scandango. Main responsibilities are company administration, order processing and customer service. She is sweet, but she does put the mad in madre.

el Fijador:
All companies need el Fijador, but back off he's ours. He drives, he fixes things, he has an amazing recipe for chicken. He is your archetypal taciturn Yorkshireman though so don't bother asking for it. Everything from our professional scanning equipment down to our cars is maintained to an impossibly high standard by el Fijador.

la Cara:
 As the new face of Scandango la Cara is heading up our social media, blogging and marketing so look out for her and say hello (or "hola" as she speaks excellent Spanish). An expert photographer, multilingual and with a passion for Spain, we are very excited and honoured to have la Cara on the team!


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