Scandango 4Gb USB Flash Drive

What can we tell you about our 4Gb USB Flash Drive? ...

It is 4Gb - that's a lot of storage (about the same as a DVD) ...

It has a cool white LCD light that glows and pulses while data is transferred ...

It is laser etched with our Scandango brand ...

and ...

It's tiny!

It's the smallest thing ever!* (and that's coming from a man who has a micro penis). It is so small that the manufacturers have done away with the none essential bits of the USB connector and have just left the main bit!

Even seasoned computer professionals have looked at it with wonder and asked "is that really USB?"

* For legal reasons we have to state that the Scandango USB Flash Drive is not in fact the 'smallest thing ever,' there are plenty of things that are smaller, please refer to the above bracketed text for an example.

Dimensions (for you spotters out there):
Length: 48mm // Width: 17mm // Height: 5mm // Weight: 4.01 grams

At £12.50 including VAT and postage it is currently cheaper than similar or less capacity models currently sold in a major supermarket!

We got ourselves some of these USB Flash Drives for customers who want to use our photo service but don't have CD/DVD drives on their computers / netbooks. A USB Flash Drive with all your old photos is also a perfect gift especially when combined with a digital photo-frame.

The 4Gb memory storage is far more than the majority of customers will ever need to store their scanned photographs. We deliberately chose a higher capacity drive to allow you to store other data on there too; we wanted to make it more useful for you - that's the sort of people we are... "Hey! ... you're welcome!"

  • Scandango 4Gb USB Flash Drive
Scandango Snippet #16:
How many photos can you get in a shoebox?
*Approximately of course! Unless you have access to Rain Man, or have very little to occupy you of an evening we will never ask you to be so specific with the numbers.
A half shoebox is approximately 500 photographs
We didn't even use a calculator for that one!


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