Scan a half shoebox of photos. Standard quality.

Rediscover your old photographs

Let Scandango take the hassle out of scanning your old photographs. Our mission is to offer you the simplest, easiest and most reliable photo scanning service. Simply send us a shoebox of your old photographs and we will do the rest.

We want to keep this service as simple as possible for you:

  1. Send us a shoebox of your photographs
    (or a half shoebox if you don't have enough photos for a full box)
  2. We scan them for you and return them to you

That's it!

If you are computer savvy and know what you want, you can probably skip the next section and go straight to our shipping information. It is vital that you read and understand the shipping options before you proceed to the checkout.

A simple service but we can offer you some useful options

All you need to do:


Important Shipping Information


The care and safety of your photographs is of vital importance to us, as such we have researched shipping in great detail. Unfortunately no courier/shipping company will insure the shipping or postage of photographs (if you know otherwise we'd love to hear from you). Whilst we believe photographs and the memories they represent are priceless unfortunately they have no monetary value. The best we can do is to use reputable couriers and guaranteed postal services where your photos can be tracked, or some people may prefer to use our prearranged drop-off and collection service (drop off points currently in areas around Leeds, Sheffield and Truro – more areas coming soon).

We are so confident in the reliability of our couriers that we are putting our own money up as insurance. In the extremely unlikely event that your photo package get lost in transit we will give you £200 (Basic Shipping only, terms and conditions apply), it is not enough to compensate you for losing priceless memories but we feel it is a good gesture. Please see this section in our FAQ (FAQ No. 25) for more details (opens in a new window).

Weight and sizes
'He aint heavy, he's my brother...' If you have loads of photos of your brother then a) that might be a bit odd and b) he may well be heavy - in post/shipping terms anyway. Weight is the most important consideration of shipping, and of course, the heavier the object the more it costs to ship it. After extensive research into various shipping options, we believe the options we present below represent the best value for money for our customers as of August 2011; if we find better value but equally reliable shipping options in the future we will use them.

Disclaimer: Scandango Ltd. take no responsibility for the loss or damage of your photos while in transit.

That's pretty much it! At Scandango we are all about offering a bespoke service, as ever, if you have any questions regarding the service (or anything really - El Mono is something of an authority on British TV comedies of the 1970s for instance) then please get in touch

You are currently looking at the half shoebox of photos at standard quality.

  • Scan a half shoebox of photos. Standard quality.
  • Scan a half shoebox of photos. Standard quality.
Scandango Snippet #16:
How many photos can you get in a shoebox?
*Approximately of course! Unless you have access to Rain Man, or have very little to occupy you of an evening we will never ask you to be so specific with the numbers.
A half shoebox is approximately 500 photographs
We didn't even use a calculator for that one!


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Suggestion to visit photo and parcel preparation pages Review the Photo Preparation page before you order Review the Parcel Preparation page before packing your photos to send to us Please contact us before you select the 'prearranged' shipping method.


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