Scan old photos digitise your memories and protect them for the future. Scandango!
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Welcome to Scandango.

Do you have boxes of old photographs hidden away? Well let those memories live again with Scandango! Pre-digital photographs have a charm and a quality that is often lacking in today's digital age. These old photographs are precious (and perishable), and they deserve better than being locked away.

Scanned photographs could be a vital ingredient for amazing personalized gifts for friends and loved ones. There are loads of services available where you can use your photographs to make anything from personalized greeting cards, calendars, photo books, sticker books, printed canvas art... the list is only really limited by your imagination!

We can take your old photographs, scan them and return them to you – simple! Getting your photographs scanned in is also a great way to protect them from damage (Scandango was created after experiencing a burst water pipe which irreparably ruined a few shoeboxes of our photographs). If you store your scanned images online they should be protected for future generations to enjoy.


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